Saturday, July 14, 2007

Animal Dreams

I guess I could just look this up on the internet, but I'm wondering what it means when you have dreams about animals.

This week I've dreamed about snakes (getting hit by cars, and they had belonged to Oprah), and cats (sick ones on an island, lots of sand), and last night it was grizzly bears (one was under water and the other one was stuffed like a stuffed animal and huge, next to a life-sized moose that was also like a prize from the Ex, not stuffed like taxidermy). What does it all mean?

I don't figure it means much, but it's funny to remember my dreams and notice that there are lots of animals in them. I thought maybe it meant that Hammie's on his way out, which may be true because he's coming up on 3 years, and that's pretty old for a hamster.

I have admired my Hamuel. He has done damage to my home with his perservance and sharp teeth. He has practically lived in the wild inside my house. He spent many many days in a row on the lamb. Even the other night he was downstairs in the bathroom walls. "Hammy! You get back upstairs right now!" He's like a hamster Houdini. I've even called the manufacturer of the cage to complain, or inform them rather, that their cages do not contain hamsters as claimed. He's in a "lock down" situation now, so his escape the other night baffles me. When it happened a year ago I put a call into the fire department to ask them about the potential damage to the electrical wiring in the walls. I got some good info. "Not to worry" was the main message I got though.

He sleeps a lot. He rattles his cage a bit when it gets dark out. He doesn't spend as much time on the wheel as he used to. I was convinced that I could put power back into the grid if I could hook up his wheel to something.

And being the mom, I clean his cage. I feed him and water him and even pet him. Remi is a bit tired of him and wants a dog or a cat. Or a bird, that's the new "ask." I told her I know she won't clean the cage, so when Hammy's done, so am I for a while. I'll miss him. I missed Buddy, the rat. And I'll possibly continue to have animal dreams and remember my pets...


Beth in the sky said...

Hey Jamine
Same thing happened to me when I was a kid. 'Cookie' lived for several YEARS in an old un-used dryer we had in the kitchen and used to put plants on. We thought he was long gone, to hamster heaven when one day Mom went to get rid of the useless machine to find cookie all cozy and warm in his new home. Needless to say we stuck him back in the cage.
Oh PS - I found this and thought of you

Jamine said...

Hey Beth,

I remember you telling me that story when I shared with class how my hamster had been gone for a few days. His escapes are much briefer now that I've caught on as to where he goes and I'm much smarter about getting him out of his spots quickly.

I should have jumped on that I heart thing years ago as now someone else is doing it and they are the official providers of the staff tshirts here at Omega this summer.