Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Off to a Good Start

I mentioned before that I decided to offer meditation classes at the Shepherds of Good Hope partly in response to my discomfort with what was going on in my neighourhood. I was feeling judgemental and uncomfortable. My response when I get like that is to get curious rather to be more distant. So I thought I could offer meditation and see what happened.

It went well, and much like any other meditation workshop that I've led anywhere. One guy shared that it was a big deal for him to close his eyes in a group of people, totally honest, and he also mentioned after one of our "sits" that he felt some anxiety come up. Wow. I acknowleged him for having those feelings and for staying in the room anyways.

So today, I'm walking towards Rideau Street and I'm nearing the beer store and I notice some people sitting around and one of the people is that guy! We said hi and I kept walking. I felt so good. I felt connected and not annoyed and just a part of things in a different way. I knew that I would benefit by offering meditation classes but I didn't think it would happen so quickly or have such a positive impact.

I learned in my yoga experience that the world is one family. Today I felt the separation gone and I feel part of the world family again. I hope that made sense!


Cristina said...

Hey Jamine, I loved what you wrote about this time! It instantly got me in a good mood too, I feel like jumping around singing 'la, la, la, we are all a big family, la, la, la'! Also nice to see you the other day biking down the street, see you soon, take care!

Jamine said...

Thanks Cristina - it was nice to see you too. I hope to see you again soon!