Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Power of Water

"The power of water." That's what the woman at the clinic said when I returned to get my blood work done this afternoon. I'll back up.

I haven't blogged in a while. There's a mix of reasons for why I haven't been blogging but one of the things that's going on in the background is I've had low iron, ringing in my ears, and now pain in my joints. The joint pain has been going on for almost the past month. It's not unusual for me to have pain in my joints, but this is noticeably more than in the past. I went to see my doctor and he said it's osteoarthritis and get used to it. My 44th birthday is coming up this week (gasp) and I guess it's just my age and yea, get used to it.

I've been corresponding with a friend who's still at Omega and he reminded me of what he's going through with Lyme's disease and something went off in my head. "Joint pain is a symptom of Lyme's." I've known enough people who've had it to know I'd want to treat it early on if that is something that I had. I don't think I do but I wanted to rule it out.

So I went to see my doctor this morning, he's great - I get in to see him right away, and he fills out the requisition for blood tests and off I go. Since I was there he decided to add other tests for arthritis indicators not just the Lyme's disease so I figure it's a good thing I went.

I arrive at the clinic and I'm happy to see who's working because it's someone I recognize and my experience with her is that the needle's not bad and I'll be okay. I hop up on the chair, roll up my sleeve, and get ready. It won't be bad. I've had her before and she knows what she's doing.

She taps and pokes. I make a fist and release. I do that a couple of times. She sticks the needle in and waits. Then she asks me, "have you had any water to drink today?" Water? I don't actually drink water in the morning except in its more potent, coffee, form. "No I haven't had any water." Well, my blood won't come out. Jamine's blood won't come out.

She said she'd try something else and that got me to thinking, so I asked her, "what if I go away and drink something and eat and come back because honestly, I could totally do this at another time." She knows I want to run away and she's already filled out the paperwork and to cancel this is a chore. "What if I promise to come back?" She agrees. She said it takes TWO HOURS for water you drink to get into your veins. Interesting, eh?

I come home, drink a bunch of water, eat a sandwich and wait. When I went back in I rolled up my sleeve and she decided to go for the other arm. She punched my veins a bit and then she stuck in the needle. The blood flowed out no problem. "The power of water," she said.

Lesson learned - drink water. If I don't drink water my blood isn't flowing as much. So toxins aren't moving out. Healing properties aren't moving in. Things are sluggish. Drink some water!


Anneh said...

So maybe there'd be fewer heart attacks if we all drank more water? Water for thought (especially since I'm not a fan of drinking it).

Jamine said...

Sounds like it wouldn't hurt!

I know you can overdo it as well, so maybe just enough to keep your blood at the optimum flow?

Capital Mom said...

I believe the power of water. I sometimes get a headache if I don't drink enough water.

(And you don't look a day over 35!)

Sunshine said...

Hey Jamine,

Interesting to read this because it reminded me of the time I had to get some blood tests to rule out Diabetes and it took four hours! Mainly because I had to drink an entire high glucose softdrink and allow enough time for the liquid to get into my blood stream. That took two hours alone. The other two hours were to retest without the sugar... But now we know, drink before blood tests!

JP Stories in Bogotá said...

thanks for posting this... water truly is such an amazing thing. we're all made up of 70% water (?)... so makes sense that we need to keep the supply replenished. I often forget that... but i also find that a minor headache (or even muscle cramps) are a quick sign that i have not been drinking enough.
btw, your Yoga App kicks butt!!! can't wait for newer versions along the way!!! just started teaching again (after two years) and it's been nice to get some additional support from you along the way (via the iPhone).
love, love, love, patrycja

Finola Francis said...

Years ago when I donated blood, I would be in the chair for a good 45 minutes, while my husband would be finished in under 10 minutes. I just thought that was the way I was until one of the people who worked at the clinic suggested that I drink water next time. Lo and behold, I'm still not as quick as hubby, but 15 minutes is typical now.
So now I drink water whenever I give blood. That should be enough, right?

Jamine said...

I'm remembering to keep drinking water - thanks for sharing your stories! We can remind each other :)

Dirk Muir said...

It's hard to drink too much. You are supposed to drink, if I recall, 8 cups a day (2 liters) of water ( this is besides your juice, coffee, tea or milk). And even more if you are physically active (like yoga!)