Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Reading

I know it's late in the summer, but there's still time to do some reading. I've made it even easier by posting a link to the book that you could read! And it's free if you're reading it this way. It's a classic and has practically become a yoga textbook. It's one that any student of yoga should at least know about if not have read all the way through.

This book refers to a lot of the mystical, magical things that go on in other cultures, that our western culture doesn't always see or recognize. It's something to look into and refer to even if you don't get to it all right away.

It still feels a lot like summer here even though September started today :)

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Jana@anattitudeadjustment said...

You know, I was told by a psychic at a fair (I know, I know) to read this, so I've always been interested. But when I've picked it up, it just doesn't seem "me." I'll have to try it, though.

It was only a 20 minute session, so I have no idea if the woman had any special powers. But I think of what she has said often.