Friday, September 24, 2010

Birthday Pose Again!

Wow, it seems like I just wrote about this pose. I mean, I think I'm wearing the same shirt as the last time I wrote about this. It comes back again so fast. I checked. It's not the same shirt, although it very well could be because neither of them are new, but it's the same colour, because I have adopted grey as the colour of this decade. So far. I wear a lot of grey! I like it! It goes with a lot of things! Jeans, other grey things, black, just to get started.

This year the birthday pose feels pretty comfortable. I'm feeling good with myself and where I'm at. And the places where I'm not feeling good about myself and my life, I'm gently judging and keeping an eye on as opposed to attacking them and blaming myself loudly. I'm quieter to myself about my judgements. I'm more compassionate with myself. I have been through a lot in my life and I'm going to go through a lot more if I have my way. And so compassion is the theme of this birthday. And with compassion for me, there's the freedom to have fun. So I'm having fun this birthday.

I got woken up around 6:30 on a morning when I could have easily slept in for another hour (see - I'm already more relaxed that I can even sleep in until 7:30) and I didn't get mad when this friend knew that I was probably sleeping and just wanted to make sure that they were the first one to wish me Happy Birthday.

I am also taking today as an opportunity to get rid of a lot of stuff. I took two boxes of books to my car a little while ago. That's a big deal for me. The present I'm giving myself this year is giving stuff away. Yep, I've arrived at maturity where 'tis better to give than to receive.

Oh well. I'm leading yoga this evening and I'm looking forward to that. If you're not doing anything and you're reading this in time, please come!


Holly Bruns said...

Happy Belated Jamine. I too just celebrated and well, isn't ageing grand?!! Hope you had a great one.

Jamine said...

Thanks Holly!

Happy Birthday to you too. Isn't it great being a Libra?

tania said...

I'm feeling pretty much at the same place too, at 41. Had been feeling a bit pummeled by my thirties, and then turning 40 was hard for me. Mostly because of all the criticisms I had of myself (things I didn't do, or couldn't do, etc) and the fears of life going too fast and me not doing enough. This year is changing - I'm being more compassionate, I too, am giving away tons of stuff, and it feels great. The irony is that the more I feel this way, the more I'm actually doing that is in tune with what I really want to do. Hopefully turning 50 will be different :)

Happy belated birthday!

Jamine said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Yea, hopefully turning 50 will be different!