Monday, March 1, 2010

When Sadness Comes to Town

Earlier today I had what felt like a sad attack. I just started feeling sad and it didn't let up until after I'd cried a bunch and called a friend who could relate and coach me to get out of the house and go for a walk and remember it's like the weather, it will pass. I've got no reason to be sad and I've got loads of reasons to be sad. My grandmother fell down and broke her hip, never good but especially not when you're 92. I read that people are still denying global warming because all the snow that fell on Washington DC makes it seem like it's getting colder rather than warmer. I could go on and work myself into sadness again.

And then of course I have no good reason to be sad - I'm healthy - in fact, I'm so healthy I didn't even catch a single cold this entire winter. I have all of my family around. Both of my parents are still alive. I have a beautiful, heathy daughter. I don't live in a place that's suffering a natural disaster (except for long winters in Ottawa, but we anticipate it annually), and I could go on and on and count my blessings some more.

But just like the weather isn't personal, inner states aren't personal either. They matter and feel a lot more, but they don't mean anything about who I am or what I'm about. They get tricky because as thought processes, I make the mistake that it's all true and I should believe them and I forget that it's weather and will pass. Plus, in order to have a good cry, you sort of have to take it all quite seriously, otherwise the cry stops and turns into a laugh or a meh.

And it turns out this getting out of the house thing is good for me. I like going to Bridgehead and invariably I run into many people I know when I'm here. So even though it costs me a few bucks extra, it's worth it.


Holly Bruns said...


You're so brave, to be so open with everyone. I had to wade through a whole slew of insecurities to start my blog (and thanks for the kind words) and then I come here and feel so inspired by your courage. Sometimes Mondays make me cry too - maybe a part of you is passing away as a stronger part of you is taking over. Here's to Spring coming.


Jamine said...

Thanks Holly. Yea, here's to spring. And by the way, I want to read about those under $10 suggestions, so keep blogging!

shannon said...

Thanks for this one. I really needed to read this today.
I'm ok, i'm more than ok kinda thing...

I'm right there with ya, come on spring.