Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Distraction

So for the past week I've had a new distraction. If you missed it, I posted something that became newsworthy and that provided me a bunch of opportunities to interact with people in a different way than usual. It had refreshing and fun aspects, as well, it had worrisome and concerning aspects, too.

After watching that topic spin a bit, I have just been standing back pretty much and just watching it go. Sort of like spinning a top and then waiting for it to slow down and tip over.

My mind is usually full of ideas and thoughts and plans and worries and the usual. And for the past week it has had those thoughts but it's had to make room for these other things, too. (What happens if I talk to the media? Should I? What's the impact?) There's a saying we have sometimes and that's "a change is as good as a rest." And this week I have to say that's been true! Having other thoughts occupy my mind has been refreshing - it has gotten me away from my normal train of thought.

There really isn't a fight going on with my neighbours so there was nothing I really needed to say that would need a microphone. I am concerned about how we raise our children and the messages we give them. I am concerned about the resources given to the people charged with raising kids in our societies and how limited they are. I am interested in communities and how we share our space. And I'm very interested with freedom of individuals in their lives and allowing people to express themselves fully, especially when they're not harming anyone.

I'm reminded that women haven't had rights for that long. I'm reminded that some people in our society are given more rights than others. I try not to bump up against the edges of the boxes we've put ourselves in here but sometimes I do and I get surprised. I get surprised by what we say is okay and what isn't. My personal values are not reflected in our culture's rules in a number of areas and once in awhile I'm surprised and offended. It's uncomfortable when that happens and it makes me want to speak out. And sometimes I do.


Sheena said...

I was born and raised in a town of 1,500 people. I was taught that a healthy community is crucial and the importance of nurturing a child's creativity.

I came to the "big city" seven years ago and was (and sometimes still am) shocked at the attitudes of a lot of people here. I don't understand all the anger some people hold over trivial things.

I find peace in knowing that there are actually people like you in Ottawa who just "get it" and realize what's important.

Your concerns are legitamite; I worry about the same things too sometimes.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

asmin said...

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