Thursday, March 11, 2010

So a Yogi Walks into a Bank...

(By the way, Tuesday's post got so much attention, I can't believe it. That was the most-read post ever of mine. Apparently when I let it rip, it seems to touch a's post will be boring in comparison. And just to follow up about the chalk, nothing has happened to make things worse or better and none of us here seem to care, we'll still chalk in the back, we may do moderate chalk in the front, we'll take it to where it doesn't bother people we care about and we'll see how it goes. I'll let you know if anything else erupts!)

So today I'm shopping for a bank. I need to open a business account because Capital Yoga Publishing is at that point and needs to be all set up. I was thinking last night that this is a chance for a fresh start. Let's pick a bank that feels good. I thought I didn't want to go to the bank closest to me because it's up Rideau and it's not that nice walking up there, how about let's start with something more grand, like RBC on Sparks. Kat says I will walk in and know and that's a good way to pick a place - by how I feel when I walk in. I asked Hans which bank he thought was the nicest - what with him being Swiss and all I figure he'd know a good bank - he recommended the big RBC. My trainer said, "what about seeing what kind of stuff you get at which bank? Like account features." Hmm. I hadn't thought of that. I tweeted that I was looking for a bank and not one twit got back to me.

On the way to the RBC I saw the TD and I thought to myself, "I like TD. I'll check them out." Well they made me wait a bunch. I sat for a while and then I reached my limit and I headed over to RBC again. "I'll go and set this up there." When I made my way up to the second floor, "wow, this will do," it turns out no one could see me today. "What? I want to open an account and I need an appointment?" (Maybe that's why I was waiting a while at TD.) It turns out that it's a long appointment to open a business account and I'd need to come back tomorrow.

So I decided to head back to TD. On the way I ran into an old student and we got to talking about yoga and life and stuff and then I was feeling hungry and ready to go home. On the way I figured I'd stop in at the CIBC at Sussex and Rideau. "That's a powerful intersection. That might be a good place for my bank." They were very helpful in there, but there's no place to park so if I need the other investors to sign anything it's going to be a parking thing and they also didn't have any time today to help me open an account. But I made an appointment for tomorrow and left.

On the way home I got to thinking about the little bank on Rideau that I opened Remi's account at. I gave them a call. Sure enough, they have time to see me today at 4:30 to open up my business account. I cancelled my CIBC appointment and will get my stuff ready for this aft. It turns out I'll keep walking up Rideau Street to my local TD after all. So much for the tall buildings and fancy elevators and shiny signs. "There's no place like home, there's no place like home..."


Holly Bruns said...

Hi Jamine,
I stole some info from your blog and used it to suit my desires. I referenced you, and put a link to your blog. I don't know... thought I should mention it to you... ? Congrats on starting a publishing business. I'll wave my magic, fairy wand for you today.

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest a credit union, specifically the Women's Credit Union on Bank Street

Jamine said...

I should have mentioned that I searched out the Women's Credit Union online last night and they didn't have anything on their site about business services. It was all personal loans and mortgage-related, so I didn't pursue it. Thanks for the reminder though.

Jamine said...

I guess I didn't click hard enough. Of course they offer regular business services. Also at regular hours, so they close at 4.