Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Night Craziness

Today was an unusual day. Unusual in that it was non-stop and on totally from morning until night. It's not usually like that as a yoga teacher. Usually there are gaps, breaks in the day. Today was not one of those days. It was all YTT and then tonight I led my usual classes. That meant I really had to prepare so I didn't wind up totally wiped out at the end of the teacher training and still had some mojo for the evening classes, which started minutes after the training wrapped up. The class right after that chanted om 15 minutes after the first one ended.

I made sure I ate - people saw me in the hall - and I made sure to breathe during the day so I wasn't spent by the evening. It takes something to do that, and I'm pleased to say I did it. Last week I was not so successful at it. As soon as I saw Louise and saw that there was an opportunity to not lead that class, I took it. This week I planned to teach it and set myself up properly.

We talked a lot today about being yoga teachers and what some of the challenges are and how to face them. They're some of the same challenges that show up in other parts of our lives. So getting good at teaching yoga can definitely have a positive impact in other areas of our lives.

Tomorrow is graduation.

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