Monday, August 24, 2009

Marking the Progress Tests

My pile is done. I marked half of the Yoga Teacher Training second progress tests. It was fun. It's a sign that the course is just about over. Here's me on the phone with Kat Mills, getting down to business. It's just about over. It will be a big deal for everyone. Good and sad. Happy to be back to our old lives, sad to miss the people we've been in daily practice with. Our Sangha. Our Group. Over.

I heard just a minute of Krishna Das talking about how we all act like we're separate and the people who know remind us that we're actually all One Being. That gives me comfort when I get into thinking of us all splintered and separate.


Cristina said...

jamine on the phone shot! It's been awhile since you've done one of those, I like them :)

Congratulations on finishing another YTT!

Jamine said...


It was a blast. A great group of people :)