Sunday, August 16, 2009

Inside Out (Pose)

Yoga practice is practice. "Practice for what?" you may wonder. Well, it's practice for your life. Life that looks like a variety of things.

The other day, life looked like me wearing my shirt inside out while I was leading a yoga class.

I noticed that I was doing shirt-on-inside-out-asasana and I paused to myself. I kept leading the class and considered my situation. "Hmm. I notice my shirt is on inside out. The tag is out. I'm definitely wearing this shirt on inside out. I am distracted by this. Do I tell my class what I'm dealing with here? No, that would draw attention to something that has nothing to do with this class. Most people probably haven't even noticed. Who cares? Maybe I could get them to look away and do a quick change. Hmm, no, it would be too easy to get caught in a bra. I'd be okay, but that just wouldn't be right. Wow. It's finally come to this. I'm wearing my clothes on backwards."

The whole thing lasted a few minutes as I breathed through the sensations and then they passed. I didn't care anymore and I didn't comment and nothing happened and even me being mortified by it passed quickly. I did take the earliest opportunity to switch my shirt around though.

So "shirt-on-inside-out-pose" wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be at the beginning. Other poses have shown up to be trickier. But it's the yoga practice on the mat that prepares me for the spontaneous yoga poses that life offers me.

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