Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taking Notes in Class

I'm still trying to figure this out. Last night I led Partner Yoga at Rama Lotus. A woman came up to me at the beginning of class and let me know that she and her partner would need to leave early. I always appreciate when someone lets me know in advance that they'll be leaving before the end - that way I don't wonder about them and I'm not surprised when it happens. During the class she took notes, like copying down the moves we did. I've had that happen recently during Partner Yoga at Omega and I told those guys we're not doing a teacher training and would they mind just being present for their partners and if they want to interview me after class I'd be happy to tell them what we did. I didn't say that to this woman, I just noticed she was doing it and kept being present for the rest of the class.

When the time came that she said they had to leave by, I went over to them and mentioned that it was that time. Then something I rarely see happened. His phone rang in class and he answered it. And then they left. Wha? I don't know who they are and I hadn't met them before. Was she another yoga teacher wanting some new material? I was left feeling a bit disturbed by it. Yoga's free and all of that, and putting together a sequence can take some crafting and skill on the teacher's part that doesn't happen instantly. Sure, you could go and just grab another teacher's sequence and save yourself some time, but do it discretely or thank them for the time they put into developing the class or something that acknowledges it.

I have lowered my expectations around etiquette in yoga classes since working in a big centre with a lot of beginners. I don't gasp anymore when people flick open their mats during an om. I don't flip out if people roll up their mats right before a savasana. I don't even notice a shift in my heart-rate when someone's phone rings in class - even mine - what progress! But taking notes in class and then answering your phone on your way out early? The pendulum has swung too far the other way...

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kaku said...

ha- and we used to think Canadian yoga students were so quiet & polite compared to the "sounding" (& farting!) of american students... times are changing, eh? (Told you I shouldn't read your blog- it's just gonna get worse now that I had to go thru logging in & getting some google-yahoo account!)