Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tightness in the Fast Lanes

Wow. This combination of OC Transpo Strike Pose with Seasonal Weather Pose (with the variation of Uncleared Roads) all while doing Christmas Shopping Pranayama has me noticing the tightness in my Fast Lanes.

Good thing gas got cheap.

Anyways, I feel bad for people trying to make a living by people coming out to support them - hey wait, that's me too. If people don't come to class I don't get paid, so this is lousy for my Christmas planning too. Nevermind, I'm diversified and have some classes that are flat rate so I don't have to worry about numbers of students, just about getting myself to class, which is definitely something to consider given this new set of circumstances.

But they're just circumstances and I'll be in class, don't you worry.

Good thing I like my new car so I really don't mind spending extra time in it. I have seat warmers too, so it's not that bad ;)

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