Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Helping out the Economy

I'm doing my best to keep our economy going - both the big companies and the little guys as well.

Today I did a total impulse purchase of what I believe may be the best Christmas present ever so far for my daughter and it wasn't cheap. I bought her cross-country skis - shh, don't tell her yet. And I knew that if I bought her skis, I'd probably buy myself some skis too because she's only 10 and that's too young for me to drop her off and leave her to ski by herself.

I called Tamsin to find out the place to go for skis because I really don't know anything about skis. She suggested I check out Fresh Air, MEC or Trailhead. I ended up going to Fresh Air because. I don't know. Just 'cause.

And I go to the back and ask for some help and of course, wouldn't you know it, I'm the guy's yoga teacher but I don't really notice at first. He said he figured I'd be the best ski try-er on-er his had because my balance must be good, which it was, so at least there was that. He even knew Remi's dad because he's taken classes with him too. So at least he knew that Remi was skinny and had an idea of what kind of skis to get for her. We had to make it up because she wasn't with me because this is all going to be a surprise because she's still suggesting she believes in Santa Claus and I don't want to be the one to blow it.

But c'mon. She's 10. John figures she's just saying she still believes because if she admits she knows then the presents will stop. That's what his niece did at any rate.

So I've got the perfect Santa gift, which in our tradition includes the gift being somewhat major, and it's unwrapped and is the first thing that gets seen on Christmas morning (plus the stocking). I'll tell you more about our traditions later, but for now I've got the situation being that my parents are in Constance Bay and that's far. The skis won't fit in the car with Remi without her knowing about them, which means there has to be a separate trip to my parents without Remi. And I'm not sleeping over (read an earlier post), so someone there will have to be trustworthy enough (and I believe they are) to set up the skis so it looks like a valid Santa gift.

Then what about my skis? Santa gave her those too? At this point she's the only one who gets a Santa gift. Santa all of a sudden starts giving adults presents but just her mom? I don't know. I'll have to make something up.

Anyways my next class starts in just over an hour and we still have a bus strike plus it's rush hour so I've got to give myself at least 45 minutes to do a normally 10 minute drive or I've got to hoof it, which means go in 10 mins. Bye.

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