Monday, December 1, 2008

At Least November is Over

Whew! I made it out of November! The last day of November turned out to be one of the best days of the year, so I suppose the whole month may have been worth it.

A stressed out yoga teacher isn't what you want I suppose. Although it's all relative. Add that to the list of things Yoga Teachers are or aren't supposed to be. We're definitely never allowed to be stressed right out. We're not allowed to have injuries but if we do we should for sure heal quickly. Our bodies' magic powers are supposed to be able to kick in so we recover super-fast.

I made plans for Christmas yesterday and that feels so good to have out of the way. My partner and my mother both have their birthdays on December 24. (That tripped my daughter up a while back when she was only 8 - "you mean he's 60 something?") Our old dog, Zahra is pregnant and due around then, my parents moved to Constance Bay, and John's family live in Navan. We considered not seeing my parents on Christmas Day but my daughter made it clear that would not work for her. So we worked out a plan that will include a visit out in Constance Bay Christmas Eve - a brilliant sleep over for John's birthday in Kanata - back to Constance Bay to see my daughter at her grandparents' and then head out to Navan for 3pm on Christmas Day.

I'm excited that a) it's planned at all, b) it's planned weeks in advance, c) there were no tears or yelling, d) it includes something special for me and my honey, not just family duties!

Taking a weekend off was so helpful to my creativity and general demeanor. I'm doing that again soon. Sometime later this month!

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