Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Day of School

It's Remi's last day of school and she's been counting it down for days. "In a couple of days I'll be able to say, 'tomorrow is my last day of school.'" And then last night, "tomorrow is my last day of school." She got up at 6 am this morning. Six o'clock in the morning, that's how excited she was that today is the last day of school. "Today's the last day of school." She was dressed, she made her OWN lunch, and was out the door early. Oh, and happy. Wha?

In my training at Landmark Education I learned that it's not the past that makes you who you are in the present, but rather the future you're living into. I see my daughter do that all the time. When she creates a powerful future for herself, she pulls herself towards it, or perhaps she lets it pull her. She has energy, she moves effortlessly towards her goal. It's something to watch.

I need to create a future of a tidier home today. I'm sitting in a pile of wrapping paper and juice boxes, newspapers and bills, winter boots and puddles on the floor.

I've been reading about people forgoing Christmas this year and not having presents and less stuff and all of that. And I'm so loving buying gifts for my family, especially things they need and have requested. I loved wrapping gifts for my next door neighbours and giving them to them yesterday. I found out this morning they couldn't wait and had to rip open a bit of the paper to see what was inside. (My Little Pony is a huge hit next door.) I have a lot of fun at this time of year. It wasn't always like that, but lately I've really enjoyed finding the right gift and putting some thought into its purchase and wrapping. Remi made soap for everybody and that was fun!

I was thinking of making a cookie cutter that was yoga-related and then doing cookies for everybody in my class but I didn't do that. I guess there's still time, but it's not going to happen. There are always things on my list that don't get done, but at least there are a bunch of things that get crossed off too. It feels good.

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