Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Missing My Old Blog

I was just reading Megan's blog and I must admit I miss my old blog where I could just lay it out. I've had some funny stuff happen that would go with the old blog and not so much with the new blog. But I don't want to gossip and I want to hold my head up so if some new yoga student found my blog they'd be proud rather than embarrassed for/of me.

But anyways, I'm off the old blog and I'm into the new blog. So thoughts include those below in other postings as well as, how can there be world peace or even just peace in the middle east when I barely get along with my ex-husband (today) and am not fully communicating with my sister? If I can't deal with money issues with those guys, how can I expect whole countries to have it together? Well, I don't expect countries to have it together, but it would be nice. That way I could just do my thing and not worry that I'm part of the problem...

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