Thursday, March 22, 2007

Going with the Flow

I was never much into hockey. One year when I was in university, my parents gave me a little tv. The only channel I could get was CBC. The only thing that was on a lot of the time was hockey. I watched that and the Challenger exploding as I recall.

After the Osho guy, my next boyfriend was a French Canadian and I ended up learning a lot about hockey. Or a lot for me; enough to get by and be able to mostly follow the game. That was a long time ago.

Hockey has come back into my life. I met someone who's really into hockey. And I find I can watch a bit of the game and pretty much follow along. I even went to my first live game the other day and it was good! I had a good time. So much energy in the stadium. I've let go of judging hockey and people who watch it for entertainment. Let go of that a long time ago actually, but I never got into watching it myself. But now I am.

And the Sens are playing Florida in a few minutes and I don't have cable so I've got to go so I can watch the game :)

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