Friday, March 16, 2007

March Break

So it's March Break and my daughter's out of school and we don't have big plans so she's hanging around. Because I don't teach all day I can have her around and we can sleep in and do stuff. Sometimes she comes to a yoga class with me because it works out that way. She's only 8, so she's not old enough to stay home alone yet and she wouldn't want to anyways.

Yesterday she did not come with me to my private class (I drove her to my sister's), but she did come with me to my lunchtime class. Part of how I got her to come more willingly to the lunchtime class is I agreed to get her a grab bag of candy from Sugar Mountain. I was thinking I'd spend 2 bucks on candy. I spent almost 5.

So we show up for the class on Rideau St and we're early, and she pours out her bag of candy on the floor. Happy, happy, happy. Bottle Caps. Pop Rocks. Tootsie Roll lollipop. Gummy Hamburger. One gross toffee thing that she offered to me after my class. And she's happy.

The class yesterday was sparsely attended and I knew people would be cool with her being there because she's not disruptive and does her own thing and plus, she's really cute.

Just because I'm a yoga teacher doesn't mean my kid is better or eats better or behaves more enlightened or anything. We're a family. We watch tv. We eat junk. We fight. When I hear about how Madonna's family doesn't watch tv and have food restrictions I wonder if maybe I should be more like that. More strict. Disciplined. But I've learned through experience it doesn't work like that...

More on that later.

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