Thursday, March 15, 2007

Celebrity Look - a - Like

I thought this was kind of funny and Megan did it as one of her blog posts so I know it counts.

As I was talking to John about today, in some ways, we're not our bodies. When I lead people in savasana, corpse pose, we're letting go of our physical bodies, and connecting with what is beyond that. As I said to my lunchtime class today, we're the embodied spirit itself. I didn't say it in french though, so I'm not sure everyone got it.

But yoga says that we're not our physical bodies and we're also not even our subtle bodies, which we regognize as thoughts and feelings. We're the spark inside all of that. And we take our bodies personally - we think it matters how our bodies look. And we take even our subtle bodies personally - we think it matters how we feel and what we think. And the witness just watches. She sits there, amused, and loving us every minute of it, watching us do our thing.

I'm reminded to not be attached to how my face looks - it's going to change. I was even given an award at Rama Lotus where I teach - most likely to win a Best Bum contest - nice, eh? And that's going to change. And it's all going to change. (There's the Buddha!) So enjoy. Don't be attached.


Asteroidea Press said...

See? Who the hell is Jordana Brewster?

And you don't look like Roberto Benini. That's just weird.

Jamine said...

But I can't tell you how impressed my daughter is that her mom most resembles an Olsen Twin.