Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Teaching with my Watch On

Hans came back from Switzerland the other day and he brought my watch back, all sized up right. I don't normally wear jewelry, period, but recently I started wearing a necklace I bought while I was at Omega. I had a ring I wore that my daughter and I got matching but then hers got messed up in a fall at school so I stopped wearing it. I bought a ring earlier in the summer that I liked a lot but then it reminded me so much of Mindi that when I saw her, I just gave it to her.

I used to find having anything on me was a bit distracting while I was practising or teaching yoga. But for the past little while, I've really enjoyed having something on my hands or around my neck while I'm teaching. I'm not sure why. I guess I just like looking at it - the piece of jewelry or whatever.

So the other day after I got my watch back, which must have just been yesterday, no Monday night, I taught with a watch on. And it's not my usual beep-beep watch, it's a pretty watch. And today, gorgeous today, I walked back from Hull where I was teaching and I stopped in at the African store on Clarence partly because I was feeling all Obama, and also just nostalgic (my daughter was born in South Africa, so she's African American too, but not the kind you normally think of) and I got myself a nice ring to sort of go with my watch. If you like jewelry and you like it at low prices, you might like some of what they've got at Giraffe ;)

I haven't taught or practised in it yet but I'll give it a go tomorrow. If I get too-too distracted I'll just back off from wearing the bling while I teach, but for now it's kind of nice.

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