Friday, November 21, 2008

Sleeping Pose

I had a pretty good sleep last night considering everything that's going on. I think I'm in good shape for today and for the weekend. What a relief!

The other thing about sleeping though is that I'm having to do a whole new sleeping pose. Let me explain. I have always slept with my arms over my head - not up in the air - but flat on the mattress or pillow, just above my head. On my back - my arms are over my head touching the wall or headboard; on my belly - my arms are under the pillow reaching towards the wall. I've done this forever. (One long period of notable exception is while I was big and pregnant and for a long time afterward where I couldn't lie on my tummy.)

Lately, I've been having discomfort in my shoulder and down my arm. My sister warned me that I shouldn't sleep with my arms over my head. I heard her but didn't do anything about it. I finally spoke to my doctor about the pain in my arm and he determined I have some kind of tendinitis in my hand from repetitive strain and that my shoulder discomfort could for sure be exacerbated by sleeping with my arms overhead. Bummer!

The had pain began in the summer when I was doing the Thai Yoga Massage training and I got injured by not doing the moves correctly. Those little injuries haven't had time to heal and my typing and blackberrying, heh, and all of that, makes it difficult for those little tendons to get the rest they need.

As for the shoulder, I'm trying to correct myself while I'm sleeping, but it has resulted in some restless nights. A whole new level of awareness - being aware while I sleep! Noticing when I'm out of alignment while I am actually sleeping and then making an adjustment. I could tell I was doing it and I was getting sleep at the same time. Cool.

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