Monday, November 3, 2008

Stuff in the Air

I don't watch much tv. I don't subscribe to cable and for the past couple of years I have actually been borrowing one of my parents' old tvs. Recently they recalled their tv because they're moving and they'd like to have the spare one back. When my daughter came home and saw the empty space she was like, "when are we getting a tv?" So anyway, we went shopping for a tv yesterday and wow, what a difference there is in tvs now.

I draw the line at cable. We have an antenna and there's plenty to watch between CBC and what we call the CSI channel. And now we have TVO Kids again, which the last tv couldn't pick up. But this new tv has some sort of digital capability that the other tvs didn't have and we get CBC in HD (high definition) and whoa, it's like you could walk into the tv into some sort of other room and be with the people in their conversation. And this is a signal coming (for free) THROUGH THE AIR.

When I teach yoga, I often teach an exercise called "prana hands" and I mention that there's energy around us and sometimes if you pay attention you can feel the energy in your hands and you can feel a ball of energy between your hands and it goes from there. I mention that there's stuff in the air and if we had the right receiver, we'd be able to pick up different signals. We'd get tv channels, songs on the radio, documents on our computer, all that kind of stuff, THROUGH THE AIR. I know this isn't new but I still get impressed.

So what else is available through the air? What other kinds of receivers can we be that could pick stuff up? There are all kinds of subtle signals out there that we can't see, but if we have the right kind of receiver we'll pick up. Some people are psychic and pick that stuff up. Some people notice "the vibes" in a room. What other kinds of signals are there? I'm sure there are loads.

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