Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tony Robbins and Deeksha

So awhile ago I mentioned that Luc was doing his deeksha training at the Oneness University in India. It must have been almost a year ago because I remember he was gone in March. Well since August he's been in touch with Tony Robbins' people because TR wants to set up a Oneness University in Fiji because a lot of people don't want to go all the way to India and he's totally into it. Go figure.

So Luc has been in conversation with them at Tony Robbins Enterprises or whatever all of this time and today he had his 4th interview and is going to find out if he's the guy to be a liason between the "dasas" that go to Fiji and the people who come to receive it. Wow. It's so out there and so cool. So Luc's waiting to hear back from someone who's going to be talking to Tony Robbins about it today. Cool!

I think about deeksha and how the claims it has are the same ones I've heard about in yoga and Landmark Education - all of which I can say I have actually experienced and I know what they're talking about. But deeksha sometimes seems so "out there." And there's no one doing it in Ottawa yet. I suggested to Luc that he stay in Ottawa and do it here to build up a base and to help people here get the benefits. The deeksha is so energetic and doesn't need talking or working things out or anything. It works at the level of Being and then new relationships are generated from it. Communities are healed because of it. I'll give links to the studies they did in India. I can't find any at the moment. Here's a link to something else.

Personally I like to see my practice in action and feel the results right away. It's like when Luc told me about his visits to John of God in Brazil. This is a guy who does "psychic healing" and you could either have a physical surgery or a psychic one but they would both have the same benefits. Wow. I get it in a way, but in another way I don't, so I would probably need the physical one for me to get the benefits. If I were to get either surgery - again, it all seems so "out there." But John of God came to Omega this year - it's all getting closer and closer! Seems like another world to me...

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