Sunday, February 24, 2008

In the Dominican Republic

I got an internet connection for a few minutes here at the hotel, so I thought I'd say hi. I'm not on a yoga retreat and although yoga is offered as an activity, I have not checked it out yet.

I'm in the Dominican Republic in a community/complex called Playa Dorada and it feels a bit like South Africa and I'm not sure how I feel about how it's all working out for the surrounding community but it is warm and there are a lot of Canadians and people from Ottawa here. It's working out weather-wise for the moment in any case. I don't see how the "all inclusive" life will work for the host country in the long run, but for the visitor, it's a great deal in a lot of ways. I won't go into it now...

It's been nice out and the weather's awesome and I'm spending time with someone I care about and I'm learning a tiny bit of Spanish and otherwise I should be home rested and refreshed in a few days. See you soon!

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