Friday, February 15, 2008

Chocolate = LOVE?

Happy Day-After-Valentines-Day!

I bought chocolate to give away to people. One of the differences I notice between young people and older people is that young people will take as much chocolate as they can get their hands on and older people will only grab a couple. I realize I'm generalizing and exaggerating and that grownups will do things differently when someone's watching versus when they're alone. But I bought a couple of big bags of kisses and I was hoping to get rid of them in my classes yesterday but instead more than I was expecting came home with me. I love chocolate but I also try to get rid of it because I understand and appreciate its power and I know that if I have it, I will eat it and I will keep it and store it in my body!

And there was more chocolate to come. Other chocolates were given and received and eaten and like that. Yum.

Apparently there's something in chocolate that makes you feel the same as you do when you're in love. And I heard on the radio that the effect of chocolate on the lips is the closest thing to a real kiss that we have. Personally I prefer the real thing, but if that's not available, chocolate feels good too. In moderation, of course.

Practising brahmacharya around these Hallmark candy holidays is difficult because I want more than one. More than 2. Lots and lots! Restraint isn't always possible, so I try to give it away, or wind up with just a limited amount on hand. Happily, there are other people who love chocolate here who are willing to help reduce the stores we have on hand so I don't have to do it all by myself like seems to happen with the ice cream. (Why am I on my own with the ice cream?)

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