Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yoga for Little Kids

Remi and I finished up our co-teaching of the little kids at the daycare this week. We've been going in after school on Thursdays and "playing yoga" for most of the school year.

Teaching really little kids is pretty hard for a teacher like me. Even though I'm a mom, I find teaching kids difficult. They move around, they don't listen, they're not always motivated...but it has been a real learning for me. When I teach at Remi's school, all of the kids have to do it and it's usually in gym class and it's a big deal and they know how to sit still and can pay attention a bit better, now that they're like, 8. But the 4 and 5 year olds in an optional setting at the day care centre are quite tricky. They let me know if they're enjoying it and if they're not, they abandon the "class" and walk away. I don't usually take it personally.

If I show up on a Wednesday to meet Remi at the bus, the kids see me and say, "are we doing yoga today?" Just seeing me reminds them of yoga. And even though they don't always pay attention and want to do yoga, they have fond memories of yoga. The teachers tell me they talk about it when I'm not there and they say they like it. So maybe one day when they're ready to do yoga, they'll be open to it and have a good association with it.

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lo said...

HI Jamine
It's good to hear someone else acknowledge the 'challenges' of teaching kids yoga-challenging but rewarding at the same time.