Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Capital Yoga Down

It happened. The Capital Yoga site came down. It was acting like it was coming down a couple of weeks ago and then by some fluke it stayed up and it seemed like everything was back to normal. And then it just came down. And now I will rebuild it. Step by step. Learn a new program, find some graphics that work, restore the content, make up some new stuff, and have fun! Because I actually like building websites. I like sitting in front of my computer and I have a couple of computers to choose from too.

This morning it doesn't feel like fun though. I'd rather blog or go for a walk or eat some more breakfast or call my mom. When I come across an obstacle sometimes I wait. If I don't see just how I need to proceed I get distracted and start to avoid the task. But if it's a serious task that must be done I will perservere, "chunk" out the steps and do it. After having a nap and drinking more tea and calling friends with jobs and all sorts of other stalling tactics.

When I was at McGill back in the '80s I had a computer. It was an old Atari that used my TV as a monitor. I even had a modem that used an old phone with a curly cord that jammed into this receiver base to send files back and forth to my parents' place so they could proofread my papers.

At Kripalu in the early '90s I had a computer and email. Anyone remember Genie? I was getting email from my mother and grandmother way back then. The network we used at the 'shram was Macintosh and I was introduced to "hypertext." Cool.

Then at Omega we got the world wide web in color. Whohoo! I actually led workshops for people to learn how to "surf the web." When I left my job I made a manual in html so the new person could just click to find the answers. At one point I remember reflecting how my laptop computer cost more than the car I was driving. I had a desktop computer set up in our trailer and had access to email and movie times in the trailer park.

Once I left the States I even telecommuted from Johannesburg updating Omega's online catalogue. The phone bills were outrageous as you pay for local calls down there. My computer was good but the connections were slow. I was able to email pictures of my new baby at the time to relatives far, far away.

I've always been wired up to the internet it seems. So it's logical that I'd want a web site even if it's not doing much. Capital yoga didn't sell anything. It was just a place for me to post stuff and advertise my classes and workshops. A place to tell my story. Guess I'd better get back to taking care of it...

And it's not accessible. I keep waiting, breathing, hoping it will come back up soon so I can work on it, and it's still down. I click, wait, fire off a message, a plea for help, and I guess I'll wait some more. At this point I'm not even avoiding the task! Alas I wait...


And while I wait, I found this page and I'm reading it. Seems weird to have the biographies of great women teachers and saints right next to a flashing ad "the fart button - press here - you know you want to." I hope you don't wind up with that ad if you go to the page!

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