Thursday, June 28, 2007

Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars, you know those...

So I'm sitting here not really watching the second episode of Star Wars, which is really the 18th episode or something, if you're really paying attention. Okay, it's the 5th. It's a lot of Star Wars.

But the Jedi stuff is kind of cool. And in a yoga way, it's kind of yogic. Yoda. Yoga. Hmm. See what I mean? I haven't actually watched enough of this episode to report about the things that are majorly yogic, but I know there are some. I'll watch more and get back to you.

I had a dream the other night that I was levitating. I dream that a lot and it's kind of palpable. Like I can really feel the feeling of levitating and flying. Apparently I do a lot of jerking around in my sleep when this is happening and I assure you, it's not a bad dream I'm having, rather a really cool fantasy of being able to be "jedi-like." Because when I got off the phone this evening and back into the room where Remi was watching Star Wars, there was this part where Yoda was flying and I was having this body memory of flying and levitating and using the Force!

One thing Obi Wan said to someone was about be careful what you think. It's true. What you think about manifests itself. I learned that a long time ago during a meditation retreat when I "got" that thoughts have matter and that what we think about totally makes a difference and although we may feel all private about our thoughts and stuff, those thoughts make a ripple and can cause things to happen. It's a bit Jedi, I know. Anyways. Remi's asleep now and I will be soon. Given the chance to fall asleep before 11, I'll take it unless something really spectacular is happening.

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