Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer's Here and I'm on Hold

I got some new software. It's exciting because it's supposed to be able to help me do my web site and lay out some of my booklets. It's actually a kick-ass design software program suite.

After deciding which computer was going to get the software, I started to load it only to find out that my new computer, which claimed to have a gig of RAM has only 894 MB. So I'm on hold with HP to find out what the deal is.

Things just seem to take time.

And so today, the Summer Solstice, marks a new beginning. It's the longest day of the year, as you know, and that makes me a bit sad because it means the days get shorter from here on in, which means winter is coming again. And I still have some hats and scarves in the closet. I may as well leave them there because Old Man winter is already on his way back!

The guy just came back on and said he's going to put me on hold for 2 - 4 minutes was that okay. Sure. I've been on hold for only 12 so far. It's not light out anymore. It was still light out just a while ago.

This software has known "issues" with Vista, which is what my new computer is running on. So we'll see how this goes.

Noticing if I wish this moment were different and just breathing into things the way they are knowing they're going to change anyways...
The update is that I need to buy either more RAM or a new video card. Upgrading my month-old computer. Sheesh, time seems to be going by faster these days...winter will be here anyday...

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