Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting There...

So the App I've been telling you about is undergoing a change and its new incarnation will be available any minute. We're uploading it to Apple as I type, so when they're through with their process, there will be a new, free app to try. It'll look a lot like the one I've been telling you about but that's because I'm using the same pictures and content.

What's happened is that I've been approved by IRAP (Industrial Research Assistance Program) to hire someone with skillz to do the programming for me. I found him a few months ago and he's been working steadily for the past few weeks while we've been waiting for the official word to come from Toronto that we'll really be okayed. He did not work on the original app. We found out last week that we've been approved and my programmer will actually be paid to build more apps as well as build an interface so you yoga teachers out there can create your own mobile apps for your students.

The new app will be available when Apple has reviewed it. The status we just saw on the screen said "In Review." Whoohoo!

Next steps are to finish my full app so my students can have the whole class as the free version will just have a few sequences. I need to find teachers who are willing to come up with content so I can provide them with apps. And we have to build the input system, but that will take quite awhile. It's a behind the scenes thing that when it's rolled out, will make so much sense. But for now, we've got our first one ready to go and it's cool!

Yoga on the go - really!

You can "like" Capital Yoga Publishing on Facebook if you want to follow the progress from there and see more screen shots :)


anna said...

Wow this is amazing - I teach yoga in the workplace and just did a (gulp) photo shoot to have legal pics to use to capture sequences I teach. However, I always want to add more stuff in that I didn't shoot!

Jamine said...

Get in touch with me Anna, and I can show you what to do to build an app! Videos are great, too, and are a wonderful tool. The app is just really cool. The demo will be ready any minute (it's Awaiting Review or something at the App Store) and you can check it out.

Holly Bruns said...

Wow Jamine - this looks amazing. Congrats!