Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everything Changes State

I got an email this morning from the iTunes store telling me that my application has changed state. Hmm. Even applications change. Everything changes.

So I watched the rest of the DVD that was loaned to me. The Buddha - by PBS. Everything changes. Of course.

Today's a funny day. Funny like tastes funny, not funny, ha ha. It's almost "siquid," which may be a word you haven't heard me use in a long time. (Siquid is a word I made up in a dream I had after meeting Mother Teresa, which really happened, and taking a long, strange trip in a bus outside of Calcutta, again, really happened, to describe a state of things changing but you can watch it.) So today's a bit siquid in my opinion.

(Oh, the application changed from Awaiting Review to In Review.)

Update: the app has changed state and is now available to download here! This version is free.


Anonymous said...

You met Mother Theresa? That's amazing. Did she change your life in any way?

Jamine said...

To be honest, the biggest change in my life is that I get to say I met her and people are impressed. It's like a party trick I can whip out.

Meeting her was an unplanned event, or planned on short notice, as I tend to like to do things. I was impressed by how such a powerful woman would be receiving communion by this really little guy. I was at her convent on easter. I thought, "she doesn't need this guy, what is she doing?" but it got me to review some of the reasons we perform rituals and I got over it.

Afterwards I waited in line to meet her and if I'd had a camera with me I could have put my arm around her and had my photo snapped. Instead, she held my hands in hers, and she wished me "happy easter." She was really wrinkly like in the pictures and very short.

So I don't know what other kinds of blessings I've received from that meeting, if any. Her work was steady and hard and life in Calcutta is something else. It's like going to another planet from here. Or it was 20 years ago...