Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hot Yoga

Some of you may be surprised to know that I'm actually teaching a hot yoga class now. Surprised because I haven't taken on teaching a hot class on a regular basis up until know, thinking maybe I was against it somehow, which I'm not. I like hot yoga and it's nice to sweat. I don't like packed, packed classes as a student, and I don't like it when it doesn't feel like yoga but more of a fitness class to me. But the class I'm leading I like. It's not packed, and it feels like yoga to me. We even meditate for a couple of minutes at the end, which we're not doing in any of my other classes at the moment.

I'm trying to stick to a set routine that was outlined by the other teachers, but to be honest, I'm sort of winging it and doing what I like to do, which is based on the outline I was given. It has been enhanced, let's say. And I like it! It's nice to teach something different. And it gets me a big break between classes, which gives me time to have a snack and blog and read, which I didn't have before when I taught a class that chanted om 15 minutes before my next class started. So now I can hang at the Bridgehead (as in this photo) or shop at Staples or just relax a bit.

Plus this new hot class is 15 minutes shorter than the other ones and I like a class that's an hour and 15 minutes. That's the amount of time we did at Kripalu. I think the 90 minutes thing came in because of Bikram and other classes were worked around that schedule. Personally, an hour, an hour and 15 minutes, is nice for me.

So now I'll head over to Rama Lotus to lead the next class that starts in 20 minutes. Sweet.

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