Thursday, December 17, 2009

No Wonder I Was Crying

I was in the car today on my way from Kanata, where I've been working on the iPhone app, which is going to be finished any day now, to pick Remi up from school, which is on the other side of town and I had some time in the car. I like to listen to the radio and so I tuned in to CKCU.

They've been playing some seasonal music over the past week and today there was a piece I was listening to that sounded familiar but so sad. I couldn't place it but I just sat back, drove slowly, and noticed the tears starting to stream down my face. Traffic was moving slowly too, so the tears in my eyes weren't that much of a hazard.

It turns out I was listening to Gorecki's Symphony of Sorrowful Songs. I think I caught the third movement. When you hear the first part of the second movement you may for sure recognize it.

David at the station said he had put the show together in the theme "from darkness to light" for this time of year. How beautiful. He sent an email reply and we chatted on the phone after I called the station. Thanks again for playing it. So these pieces made up the darkness part of his show. The rest of the show was all joyful, but this was the part that sang to me and opened me up.


Crys :D said...

sounds fab for helping to let go of some things.:) thank you for sharing!

Jamine said...

Did you listen to the clips? How can you not bawl?! Beautiful...

I hope you're doing well and baking lots!órecki)

Ian! D. Allen said...

I love that Górecki piece. It was playing as I walked in to teach at Algonquin one day and I actually made the class wait a few minutes until the piece was over so that I could find out what it was. Oh it's lovely!