Friday, December 25, 2009

If you think you're enlightened, go home for the weekend

When I lived at Kripalu we used to say if you think you're enlightened, go home for the weekend. Like a test. People's stuff comes out around their families, wouldn't you say?

So at Christmas, times are often difficult partly because we are so used to having thing our own way and then having to give that up to be with other people occurs as a big challenge.

I'm doing pretty good, I must say. No fights. No tears. Everybody's getting along. We're all getting stressed over our different things - my brother doesn't like Christmas music, the dogs' barking drive me crazy (there are 9 of them), my stepfather is just cranky - and we're still doing well. We even had a sleep over at my brother's last night.

I slept on an air mattress that leaked and left me with a sore back but I'm still okay. Woke up with a big headache on the left side (didn't even have a sip of wine yesterday) and now I have a bloodshot eye on the same side and I'm still okay.

I'm not anxious to go home, I'm looking forward to dinner in a while. I notice when I'm feeling a bit irritable and then breathe a bit more. Everybody's doing it and we're having a good time.

Here's a video we made of our day yesterday. It's really for my grandmother and my dad so I warn you it will be 7 minutes of your life you won't get back if you choose to click on it. (Also it's widescreen but I don't know how to widen the blog column - so watch it at youtube if you're going to waste your time.)


April said...

Everyone has their crazy Christmas family!
My relatives live on a farm in Quebec.
Last year, as we arrived, a dead coyote was hanging in a tree near the front door. Turns out it was stalking the sheep.
One of the lambs had been born late Christmas Eve and was frozen by morning. It was sitting in a wheel barrow just inside the barn door.
My cousin told us about all of the great things that she had found in the dump.
My husband just wants to get his socks (my Gran's yearly gift to him) and his Canadian Tire gift card and get the hell out before the heartburn from the dressing kicks in.
I think we all spend Christmas struggling with respecting family traditions, but also wanting to start our own.
Hope my grandchildren have some great stories to tell when they get dragged to my place every year!

Jamine said...

April, I can totally imagine the scene. And it sounds like there will be some great stories for your grandchildren. (Make them do yoga on Christmas morning before opening their presents!)

April said...

That would be funny!
Whoever can hold 'Eagle' (my least favourite position) the longest gets their gift!