Friday, December 11, 2009

I Said Yes

I was thinking about how tough it is to be me sometimes and how I'm still in the same place I was just about three years ago when I started this blog and then it occurred to me that I have really said YES to life. I've said, "bring it on."

And Kat and I joke sometimes about this "path," and how really there's no choice. I know it's powerful to choose and I know that for me choosing is a super-important thing to do, but somehow I cannot imagine that I could have not chosen what I've chosen. The choiceless choice?

Torsten reminded me last night that I'm a writer and that I could probably write something people would want to read. I'm not sure. I think I'm normal and everyone's like me (read yesterday) and I don't have anything interesting to share. I forget that I've done interesting stuff and that some of what I've done may be entertaining or of value. And yet, I blog a lot.

I keep saying yes. I say yes to all kinds of experiences and responsibilities. I don't always do a good job just because I say yes. I'm open though.


Jeremy said...

Hi Jamine. I think you're a great writer - really I do. I like reading your blog. You are articulate and can express what you are thinking and feeling in a way others relate to. Also your kid is really cute! :-)

Best wishes,
- Jeremy

Jamine said...


I also got some messages on Facebook, which reminded me that there are people reading and being entertained or inspired or something.

And yea, she's cute.

Jenni Young said...

You are absolutely entertaining. Not normal - but that's a good thing, normal is boring! Interesting YES! I bought your DVD and I would buy your book! I love you blog and have been reading it for a while, love your writing!

Jamine said...

Thanks Jennifer! That was really nice, what you said there.