Monday, June 9, 2008

Meditation - it only works if you do it!

More about meditation today...I led the meditation workshop yesterday and I'm always inspired by doing that. I love who comes and what we do there and the conversations we have...

Someone said yesterday that she had been reading about meditation and hadn't been doing it. I do that all the time! I'll read about something I want to have done and then I don't always do the thing. Reading about yoga is quite different than practising yoga! Studying the teachings of yoga and meditation go hand in hand with practising yoga, but studying is not a replacement for direct experience.

To have a direct experience of meditation, all you need to do is sit still and close your eyes for starters. You could even try it right now. Just close your eyes. Notice your breath. And then open your eyes again. Go ahead, give it a go. Close your eyes, take a breath or two and then open your eyes. You did it! That's all there is to it! You could probably get away with doing that a few times a day at work and no one would even notice! Give it a try :) No one's watching...

Of course there's a bit more that comes along with it and people spend years talking about it and teaching and learning. But that's pretty much it. Sit still, close your eyes, watch your breath and see what happens.

Have fun!


shelleyt said...

i did it. at my desk towards the end of lunch. just a few seconds and i don't want to sound like an infomercial here, but i felt genuinely happier in those seconds than i have in weeks.
thanks jamine, i look forward to coming home again and seeing you once a week.

Jamine said...

Hey Shelley! I'm glad you tried it and that it worked :)

And I'm totally psyched that you'll be back soon.