Friday, June 13, 2008

Different Kinds of Daily Practices

We all have things we do everyday. Some of those things come naturally and easily and some of them don't and we have to try. Like brushing my teeth a few times a day comes naturally but meditating everyday is something I have to work at. And then there are those things that really should be a daily practice and we simply just don't do them. We all have those things.

The thing I was probably supposed to be doing on a daily basis but didn't, is brush my dog. The result is, she's (I mean was) matted and had to be cut down nice and short. I barely recognize her. John asked me over the phone, "is she embarrassed?" and I replied, "no, she's not, but you will be when you walk her."

I didn't sign on to brush a dog ontop of everything else I've got to do. So I didn't do it. We brushed her once in a while but lately we let it go. And the consequences are that the groomer wouldn't do anything but basically shave her. Ooops. Good thing it's hot out and she should probably be cut down short anyways. I'm going to catch her and take a picture of her to show you.

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