Friday, May 9, 2008

Yoga Software

To answer Susan's question - I don't really know of any yoga software. If you have heard of some, post a comment and maybe we can all learn something!

I know the poses individually can be helpful, so if there's something out there that describes the poses, kind of like the Kripalu posture book but maybe more updated, that would be useful for a lot of people.


Tonight an 8-year old came to the Beginning Hatha class at Rama Lotus and she stayed for the whole thing. I was really impressed. And when I said, "shake your hands," she really shook her hands. And "have some fun while you're upside down" in rag doll, she totally was having fun. It was neat having such a fresh perspective.


LoveYoga said...

There is yoga software that will let you choose from collections of their poses or add your own poses called yGuide Yoga Software. This allows you to customize your yoga practices for yourself, students or workshops. It's great. The website is

Jamine said...

Thanks for the tip. It looks great. I like that you can add your own pictures.