Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Cops did Happy Baby

I can't believe I just wrote that title. It really happened. The group at the Police College this time seemed more receptive than ever and after Bridge Pose, when I might say something in a public class at a yoga studio like, "listen to your body and do what feels good - you might like to hug your knees into your chest or maybe even a happy baby might feel good," for the cops I tend to shy away from things like that. But today was different. I could sense it. So I said my usual thing as above and bam - a whole bunch of happy babies rolling around on the floor. Go figure.

I've been holding back. Underestimating the group. Maybe we'll even OM next time. Kidding. We won't OM. Maybe someone could sub for me and you could try leading an OM in a big, empty gym with a bunch of cops who have to do yoga for their leadership course. Then get back to me and tell me all about it.


Paulo Moses said...

Ask them to pretend they are undercover, on assignment to infiltrate an ashram. That should get them om-ing! ;)

Jamine said...

That is a great suggestion! You made me laugh. I'll try it next month when I'm with a new group!

anna said...

new follower, this is hilarious. I love it. I teach worksite yoga as well, so it's a wonderful image to take to my next class onsite.