Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big Build Up

Well the hair thing was really a non-event. I mean, I did get it coloured, but it wasn't that big a deal and I don't think the amount I worked myself up about it was really warranted. It looks nice, don't get me wrong, and if you look closely, you'll see there's some colour, but I didn't cover the grey bits and it's just highlights. So all my inner statements about femininity and society and my role and natural or unnatural, wow, just inner chatter. It's over. It's still a conversation we could have, but for today, I don't need to have that one.

Tonight marks the beginning of something else that's probably going to be a non-event, and that's the new yoga/meditation class. A conversation I've been having is about how there's too many posture classes and not enough classes that offer some honest-to-goodness meditation. So I'm starting one and it's beginning tonight. I'm a bit nervous because I don't want to let people down and I want it to go well so people will want to come back. It's actually replacing the Beginning Hatha Yoga class that's been on for over 8 years.

I have been recently reminded that other people don't like meditation or aren't the "kind of person" who would meditate. Huh? It's a kind of person? So I'm bracing myself a bit and hoping to tout the benefits of meditation, perhaps rattling off some stats and findings about brainwaves and blood pressure, but I'm really hoping we'll just have an amazing time, especially during the luxurious relaxation that's built in to the class, and that it will speak for itself. I know that emphasizing the benefits can actually enhance people's experiences but I don't want do a big promotion either.

I mean seriously, did you ever hear of anyone saying, "once I started yoga and meditation everything went downhill from there"? That's not how it goes. It tends to mark the beginning of something good. Let's hope the pattern continues tonight!


Caroline Chapman said...

I think that is great news and if I was closer...a lot closer..I'd be there! I's all too often all about the poses and nothing else. I'm sure it will be a great success!

Holly Bruns said...

I was hoping you'd post a post-dye job photo. I think about doing mine from time to time as well. Hey, would you share your coiffeuse's number with me? And on another note, I posted an organic wine today. Thanks for the idea. If there isn't any left at Rideau (downstairs in the organic section), Bonterra (from California) is organic too, and good, (probably on the regular shelves upstairs). Have a great weekend! ps. I'm starting to learn to meditate and while sometimes it's hard to get be disciplined and just get to it, I find I get a little high from it. Is that normal? - Holly

Jamine said...

Hey Holl! That was my post-dye-job photo. It's subtle. You can see it in the light...

Focus Hair Fashion is the place to go on Richmond Road. Francine is her name :)

And regarding getting high from meditation - enjoy! It doesn't tend to stay that way forever ;) Keep practising!