Monday, April 19, 2010

11% Jehovah's Witness

This morning while I was surfing the net I thought I'd drop by Beliefnet and see what was shaking there, rather than reading bad news or looking at beautiful pictures of destructive volcanic ash clouds. I find Beliefnet a bit busy and agitating rather than relaxing, but it's there and I checked it out. I wasn't there for very long before I found a quiz I thought would be fun. The quiz is What religion are you?

Seeing as how I don't know what "religion" I am, I thought I'd see what they came up with. As you can see by the screen shot, I'm apparently 100% Neo-Pagan, which I guess is cool. I'm something at least. They found a place for me in the quiz! I'm only 5% Roman Catholic and I'm like 70% of a Scientologist! Also cool - that's like almost being in tight with John Travolta. Almost.

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