Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yoga DVDs

Something I've been thinking would be fun to do is have a class where what we do is do a yoga DVD or CD together and then talk about it - what we liked, what we didn't like. We'd have a practice and a chance to chat about it afterwards. I think it would be open to intermediate students as well as people who've done a yoga teacher training. It would give people exposure to other styles, it would be fun to hear something different, and for some people who are interested in buying a DVD for home, it would give them a chance to do it in a group and see if it's something they'd like.

I'd go to that class. I'd lead that class! So today while I was doing Ray Crist's Vigorous Flow, Yoga Breath at home, I was imagining myself in the Crystal Room or Sky Room at Rama Lotus with other people. And I saw myself on my mat doing the poses with everyone else and then leading a question and answer about it.

Hmm. Would you come?


Dirk Muir said...

Yes, if I was in town.

April said...

I would come. I'd even drag Gisele along to expand her horizons a little!

Jordan Amber said...

I would...sounds cool!