Sunday, September 6, 2009

Clown Pose

So this weekend I've been in a Clown Workshop ;) Yep. I'm taking Clown. Don't ask, it just came up and seemed like a good thing to do at the time. It still is! However! We'll go from being sitting on a cold floor to all of a sudden running around in barefeet pretending to be riding horses in a ring. (It sounds weird as I read what I'm typing, but trust me, it seemed right in the context.) And we'll start jumping around and then go sit down for an hour and back and forth. I should have stretched first.

There's a place for yoga in Clown. At least in Clown Classes. We could do some asanas first and maybe a few after! Imagine a savasana after all that clowning around? Heaven.

Clown Pose itself has been interesting. It's a pose that requires being present and connected to the surroundings while having an intention and I would say a commitment, although we haven't talked about that. The pose, whatever it is, is the form and the being present inside of it gets us to have whatever vibration that pose is, that prana diagram, that experience, and there's freedom in that. That's exactly where it is, in fact.

So I'm learning Clown Pose. It's got a big stretch to it for me. Lots of sensations to breathe into!

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Cristina said...

awesome! I totally picture you doing the horse thing:)