Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yoga in the Dark

Tonight while I was leading the Hatha Intermediate class at Rama Lotus, there was a black out. The lights went out, the music stopped, and it got very quiet. And that was kind of cool. The Crystal room was pretty packed and we all just sort of stopped for a sec and noticed that it was dark and then kept going. I could hear in the halls that it was quiet and that the other classes were continuing too.

Doing yoga in the dark gave us the opportunity to totally let go of performance and competition and it was pretty neat. A class to remember for sure.

It was fun that something different and out of the ordinary happened.


Dirk Muir said...

That sounds like fun. I wish I could have been there, but I worked from home in Kanata, so I could avoid all the travel in bad weather. I got to experience two hours in a power outage later in the evening in Kanata (no yoga though :) )

Arturo G said...
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Arturo G said...

by letting go you can enjoy your practice in a deeper way, feeling every movement, your breath, not wandering around and gaining total conciousness of your whole body, by not controlling it, just flowing.

candle light practice or before dawn are other good moments to have a quiet practice with a dimmer light

I'm glad your class turned out that way :)