Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time to Yoga

I have to get out the door in a minute or two or else I'll be rushing even more than I wanted to. I like to get to places just in time without any overlap. But sometimes I do go earlier and it feels pretty good not to be in a hurry on my way. It feels awful to be late, so I don't do that very often.

Today I've decided to walk to Rama Lotus. It takes just over half an hour unless I run for parts. I want to walk. So I'd better head out now.

Here's a link to some people I was at "yoga school" with. I mentioned Todd the other day in class because I've been playing his CD "Bija" a lot lately. He chants the sounds of the chakras and it's beautiful.


Felicity Bell said...

Hi Jamine,
I saw you referenced a CD with the bija mantras from an artist named Todd. Can you provide more info on that? I love practicing and leading classes to the soothing sounds of the bija mantras and am always looking for new music.


Jamine said...

Hi Felicity Bell,

The link is in the paragraph where I mention Todd. But here it is written out, much easier to see!

It's a beautiful recording.