Friday, May 11, 2007

Pranayama at the Spa

I'm reading through some of the final exams right now for the yoga teacher training, which is completing this weekend and one of the papers mentioned Sitali pranayama and it made me think of something practical you can do with that breathing technique.

I went to le Nordik last weekend, happily escorting 3 women who had never been yet. It's fun to take people who have never been because it can leave a really big impression. They'll be thinking of you forever :) Anyways, one of the things to do at the spa is to be in the steam room for a while. It gets hot in there and it can make it hard to breathe. So what you can do when it gets too hot is to use this cooling breath. You inhale through your curled tongue and exhale through your nose. If you can't curl your tongue, inhale through the sides of your mouth so you sound like the Sens' coach, and exhale through your nose. It cools you off!

If you're too hot, you should get out of there before you pass out, but if you think you could last just a little bit longer and want to really be able to stand under the cold water fall, then try this breath!

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