Monday, May 14, 2007

Hockey Night in Canada

I haven't been a hockey watcher in years. I started watching a few months ago just because...and it's been fun. I've gone to a couple of live games at the Scotiabank Place (one regular season, one playoffs) and it's been an interesting practice for me of participating in our culture here while at the same time having my yoga filters on.

Like going to live games - I noticed the energy of the crowd - so much prana in the room! And having everybody focus on one thing - the concentration is palpable. Watching the patterns of people during the intermissions and practising patience getting out of the parking lot - just some of what I thought about while I was at the games.

Now that we're into the next round of the playoffs I'm having a chance to practise non-attachment. I've gotten attached to the idea of the Sens winning and I notice while the game's on the oohs and ahhs that the crowd makes and I'm feeling the same way (when the game's in Ottawa like it is tonight). I want them to win!

But when I find myself in a bar turning on the siren light when we win a goal, I feel a huge amount of culture shock. This hockey season is fun but it's not really my scene. I'm enjoying it and I can see why it's so popular, but if this was my last season of hockey and I couldn't go to another game, I guess that would be okay. I'm not really attached to hockey, but I think I'm probably pretty attached (no matter how hard I try) to someone who is attached to hockey. Attachment by association perhaps?

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John said...

Listen to you! You're sitting on the edge of the couch, cheering and yelling and commenting and twitching and saying things like "get it out of our end!" or "This is good hockey!" and you say this isn't really your scene??? Mind you, you are also saying things like "That was good right?" or "Are we the white ones or the red ones?" So maybe it isn't but I know this much...YOU LOVE HOCKEY! So admit it and stop pretending that it is something you just endure 'cuz your fella does!