Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Landmark and Yoga

After my yoga class tonight I met up with some friends who have all done Landmark Education courses. Torsten was reminding me that one of the things I said to him that made him want to take the course was that Landmark was like yoga. And I stand by that. It is the essence of many of the yogic teachings I've learned over the years. It's about being present and taking responsibility for yourself in your life. And creating the life that you want to have - or realizing that you are the creator of your life already and taking responsibility for that.

It's an empowering curriculum of workshops if you're interested in doing something different. I don't know anyone who's gone on their own who was disappointed. I do know of some people who were sent by their employers and didn't dig the course, but I don't know of anyone who paid for the course themselves and didn't get something out of it that was worth it.

If you research Landmark Education on the internet you'll read lots of negative stories and all I can say is that wasn't my experience or that of anyone I know and I highly recommend the courses to people I know.

There's a language of distinctions that are made in Landmark that make communicating about matters of the heart more satisfying. Yoga talks about living a full life and so does Landmark. There are many parallels and if you want to know more about it, just ask me! Or just trust me when I say it's a valuable set of teachings that are completely complementary to the teachings of yoga.

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