Thursday, October 14, 2010

Radical Thoughts

I had a sort of insight last night that I doubted as it came through - this is sometimes how I feel when I get a message delivered to me via my higher self. I've been thinking a lot about life on the planet after watching that video I posted a few days ago, and consciousness as I tend to do, and now I'm training my brain everyday with these exercises, and it got me to thinking that wouldn't it be amazing if everyone on the planet worked together towards making life better on the planet? Here's the thought that came through - people on the planet already are working together.

What? Yep, we are already working together towards making life better on the planet. But what about war and greed and fighting and corruption? Those are things that are sort of a side effect of our progress and over time those things will fall away as it's time and we mature. Sort of like brothers and sisters fighting. They just do until they grow out of it. It doesn't mean they won't grow up to love each other and work together.

Hmm. That message surprised me. It didn't make me feel like I should stop trying to live a better, kinder, smaller, bigger life. It just had me sort of relax and feel that people are good as a whole. We are doing what we can as group to do better for everyone. Along the way it might seem sloppy and as new information arises new action will be taken and we are doing the best we can. When we feel like we aren't it's just that we're looking at it too closely and if we pull back, take a different view, we'll see that we are already working as a team.

Every once in awhile I get sent a zinger of an idea like that and it challenges me. Challenges my belief system. Causes me to step back and consider. What if this is what it looked like for everyone on the planet to be working together towards a better life and better conditions for everyone? Then I wouldn't have to resist what is. I could just know it's part of the process and keep working towards freedom and health as I do my best.


StephaneB said...

I think that is a good place to stand from. It is a peaceful and inspiring idea. One that moves us away from resignation.

Jamine said...

Thanks Stephane!

Cristina said...

That's a beautiful idea, to think about in 'planet terms' as well as in 'individual terms'; I got a similar idea very recently thinking about my own personal growth, something like 'what if all this that seems like chaos in my life is actually me growing, but it just *looks like* chaos?' Same story... if you take some distance what seems chaos (in your words, 'side effects') might very well be you doing your best and working towards peace of mind, it only looks like chaos now cause it's still not time for all the pieces to fit together... makes a lot of sense to me. As you say, puts you in a place of accepting what is in a less suffering, contentment place.

It becomes a lot more beautiful to think about it in 'planet terms', thanks for that!!

Jamine said...

Hi Cristina - thanks for commenting. I like your perspective. Maybe "side effects" isn't right but in any case those things are included - chaos and everything. Peace :)